Project expansion is in partnership with Diving With A Purpose (https://divingwithapurpose.org/ ). We have air monitors across the USA, Virginia Islands, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Kenya.  Currently, we are focused on expanding our network in Mexico, Kenya, and Oklahoma. Soon we work on establishing locations in Nigeria.


Mexico: CERCA (www.cerca.org.mx/) - Renewable Energy and Environmental Quality Centre is taking lead in Mexico to expand air monitoring. Recently, they conducted a workshop for teachers in Guadalajara and Mexico City.

Kenya:  We work with two contacts in Kenya.  We are in the initial stages of expanding air monitoring in Egerton and Nairobi.


We have two different devices for measuring air quality. 

a. Sensor.community uses a device based around the popular Arduino platforms and some of the more advanced modules. Parts for building each device costs less than $35. 

Photo of a device here.


b. MISE employs a device created by Dr. Wansoo Im.  This device costs $200 per device.  

Photo of a device here.